Suspicious Package

Preview Version for macOS “Monterey”

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Version 3.7.1 Monterey Preview (773.2)
Bundle Identifier com.mothersruin.SuspiciousPackageApp
Code Signature Developer ID Application: Randy Saldinger (936EB786NH)
Notarized On Thu Jun 17 09:13:24 PST 2021
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Download Bytes 5664884
Download SHA256 e23189a965436f1ac7cad42642ec0d0f013f58eadf6a3e5ef765a5c716ce2e1c

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Read below before installing this special “preview” version of Suspicious Package.

To date, we have done only limited testing of Suspicious Package on the beta version of macOS 12 (Monterey). But since we know of at least one serious problem (see below), we are making this special “preview” build available for those who want to try it.

Note that this is not a fully-tested version of Suspicious Package. We expect to release a proper update with Monterey support, closer to Apple's release of the new macOS.

We will update this page as needed, if we find other significant issues. If you use this preview version, it will notify you of any future Monterey Preview updates, but you may want to check this page directly if you experience problems.

Suspicious Package and the macOS 12 (Monterey) Beta

  • On macOS 12 beta 1 (21A5248p), if you open a package that has a receipt from a previous installation, Suspicious Package 3.7 will crash. This can also happen when selecting a package in the Finder, if Suspicious Package's Quick Look Preview extension is activated. This is fixed by Suspicious Package 3.7.1 Monterey Preview.
  • If you run into other isues with Suspicious Package on the macOS 12 beta, we would appreciate your telling us about them.