Suspicious Package

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Version 3.6 (736)
Bundle Identifier com.mothersruin.SuspiciousPackageApp
Code Signature Developer ID Application: Randy Saldinger (936EB786NH)
Notarized On Sat Oct 10 09:27:30 PST 2020
Download Container Signed Disk Image
Download Bytes 4566703
Download SHA256 86163e9b3f7e322b7d9fddd1d11ce88829baa0b4a91515c9c135cf6379e4432e

dragging app to folder Download and open the disk image above.

Drag Suspicious Package to your Applications folder, or wherever else you'd like to keep it.

After copying Suspicious Package, you can eject the disk image and move it to the trash.

Suspicious Package requires:

† Support for Big Sur comes with caveats at the moment: Read More.

If you're running an older version of macOS, see more info here.