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iMedia Progressive Independent Media Browser

iMedia is still available, but is no longer being maintained. With most sites now providing usable RSS feeds — and multiple high quality RSS readers available for free on Mac OS X — iMedia simply isn't adding much value anymore. While iMedia had a handful of loyal users, it never reached a significant enough audience to justify the ongoing maintenance. Thanks to those who did use iMedia, and keep up the fight for independent media!

iMedia gathers headlines, columns, and radio and TV programs from various independent media sites on the Internet. It organizes them by category, and allows you to easily view the ones that interest you. You can view items in the built-in web browser, or in your preferred web browser application. iMedia can play radio and TV segments directly in the appropriate media player.

iMedia allows you to designate certain columnists as favorites, and then gives you the option of viewing only columns by those authors. iMedia also keeps track of which items you have already read. You can create customized listings, called Smart Sections, with items selected according to conditions you specify.

Main iMedia Window

The selection of sources for iMedia has a noticeably progressive bent, which it inherits from its author. It does not claim to be objective. Those who find this offensive are advised to seek out a different totally free software product.

However, those who appreciate iMedia's sources are asked to consider supporting these sources with their donations. Beyond this request, iMedia is free.

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