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Release History for SSHChain

This page describes the known problems in the current version of SSHChain, and gives a history of SSHChain releases.

We are aware of the following problems in SSHChain 1.1:

If you encounter other bugs in SSHChain, please contact us.

The table below summarizes the released versions of SSHChain, and what fixes and enhancements were made to each version.

You can determine the version of SSHChain you have by double-clicking the SSHChain icon in the Finder, and then clicking About SSHChain in the Preferences dialog.

Release History for SSHChain
Version Changes
1.1 Released on October 20, 2007
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
  • Better handling of orphaned sockets after system crashes.
  • Fixed bug in generation of SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable in C-shell-format environment file.
1.0.2 Released on April 2, 2006
  • Upgraded to Universal Binary, supporting Macs with PowerPC or Intel processors.
  • Dropped support for versions of Mac OS X older than 10.3.9.
  • For those building from source, converted project to use GCC 4 on both architectures.
1.0.1 Released on September 21, 2005
  • Fixed bug where the environment file would not be created after an agent initialization error, even if followed by a successful Relaunch.
  • Added debugging information to initialization error dialogs (namely, the standard error output from the agent).
  • Dropped support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). In fact, it probably still works fine on 10.2; this really just means that we've not tested this version on 10.2.
  • For those building from source, upgraded project to Xcode 2.1.
1.0 Released on April 26, 2005
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
  • Fixed embarassing typo on our own URL in SSHChain Help. Also added link (the correct one!) to the About SSHChain dialog.
0.2 Released on April 3, 2004
  • Initial public release of SSHChain.

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