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Download SSHChain 1.1

Note to Mac OS X 10.5 users: Although SSHChain works in Leopard, you don't need it there, because Leopard now provides built-in integration of ssh-agent with the Apple Keychain. See here for details.

Download SSHChain Application (644KB disk image)

SSHChain requires one of:

SSHChain is a Univeral Binary, and will run on Macs with PowerPC or Intel processors.

Once downloaded, the disk image should open on its own. (If not, double-click it in the Finder.) You can then drag the SSHChain icon wherever you want it to go on your hard disk, such as the Utilities folder inside Applications.

See Setup for instructions on configuring SSHChain.

Upgrading From a Previous Version

If you are upgrading from a previous version of SSHChain, you should quit the running version before replacing it: double-click the old SSHChain app to open the Preferences dialog, click Restart Agent, and then Quit SSHChain. Then drag the new version into place, and double-click it to activate the agent.

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