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AppleScripts for iMedia

Starting with version 2.1, iMedia is AppleScriptable. A collection of sample iMedia scripts can be downloaded below. Feel free to use them, tweak them or mutate them into something else.

Download iMedia Scripts (80KB disk image)

To learn about using AppleScript with iMedia, choose iMedia Help from the iMedia Help menu, and go to Using AppleScript with iMedia.

About the Scripts

The following scripts are contained in the disk image linked above. If you want to use these scripts to learn how to script iMedia, note that they are listed here in approximately increasing complexity.

Installing the Scripts

Once you download and open the disk image, you can double-click a script to open it in Script Editor, and run it from there. However, they generally run faster from the iMedia Scripts menu. Choose Open Scripts Folder from the iMedia Scripts menu, and drag the scripts into that folder. Then choose Update Scripts Menu, and you should see the scripts appear in the menu.

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