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Download iMedia 2.1.3

iMedia is still available, but is no longer being maintained. With most sites now providing usable RSS feeds — and multiple high quality RSS readers available for free on Mac OS X — iMedia simply isn't adding much value anymore. While iMedia had a handful of loyal users, it never reached a significant enough audience to justify the ongoing maintenance. Thanks to those who did use iMedia, and keep up the fight for independent media!

For a description of what has changed in this version, see the Release Notes.

Download iMedia Application (792KB disk image)

This version of iMedia requires one of:

iMedia is a Univeral Binary, and will run on Macs with PowerPC or Intel processors.

Once downloaded, the disk image should open on its own. (If not, double-click it in the Finder.) You can then drag the iMedia icon wherever you want it to go on your hard disk, such as the Applications folder.

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