Release History

The table below summarizes the released versions of Archaeology, and what fixes and enhancements were made to each version. You can determine the version you have installed from Archaeology > About Archaeology.

Release History for Archaeology
Version Changes
1.1 (106) Released on August 13, 2023
  • Allows decoding of Code Signing Requirements found within a Code Signature Security::SuperBlob — most commonly a single “designated” requirement within “Internal Requirements”. Archaeology decodes the requirement into an equivalent Boolean expression, akin to the one shown by codesign(1) or csreq(1), but with syntax highlighting and comments that give more information (such as the names of certificate fields otherwise identified by their OIDs). You can evaluate the requirement against a selected app or other signed code, and see the results for individual terms of the expression.
  • Allows decoding of Launch Constraints found within a Code Signature Security::SuperBlob. These constraints are new-ish to macOS 14 (Sonoma), and are stored in the code signature (using Xcode 15) in a BER-encoded ASN.1 format. Archaeology decodes a launch constraint into a bespoke-but-easier-to-read Boolean expression. You can evaluate the constraint against a selected app or other signed code, and see the results for individual terms of the expression. If you prefer, use Go > Decode Item As > BER-encoded ASN.1 to see the underlying representation of the constraint instead.
  • When the root of a BER-encoded ASN.1 appears to be a CoreEntitlements structure — used for both DER-encoded Entitlements and Launch Constraints — you can select the root item and click Show As Dictionary to see it converted into property list form.
  • For a bundle that is code-signed but does not have a Mach-O main executable (e.g. a resource-only plugin or framework), Archaeology now shows all of the individual components from the _CodeSignature directory, and allows these to be decoded and/or verified much like their analogs in a Security::SuperBlob context.
  • Adds the ability to open an xcframework, letting you examine each of the contained frameworks by platform.
  • When viewing a URL Bookmark, you can now attempt resolution of that bookmark by choosing Go > Resolve URL Bookmark. You can select a number of different resolution options, but note that the handling of security-scoped bookmarks created by — and thus, scoped to — another app won't necessarily make sense when resolving from Archaeology.
  • Added an option under Archaeology > Preferences > General to inhibit the warning dialog when decoding BER-encoded ASN.1 that doesn't have a Universal-class tag at its root. Normally, Archaeology takes this as a sign that the data might not be ASN.1 at all, and doesn't decode unless you click Decode Anyway. But if that's annoying, you can uncheck this. (This only applies when you use the generic Go > Decode Item, such that Archaeology must deduce what type of data is being decoded. Whenever you tell Archaeology that you are expecting ASN.1 data, e.g. by using Go > Decoded Item As > BER-encoded ASN.1, it won't require a Universal-class root tag, regardless of this preference.)
  • When viewing a Cocoa Keyed Archive, NSUUID instances now get a more useful string formatting, as long as Format strings and dates in archives is enabled in the open options.
  • When opening a macOS Installer package (or other xar archive), Archaeology no longer presents a confusing error if the archive is not signed: instead, it simply shows whatever info is there, even if that is only the xar TOC digest.
1.0.1 (87.1) Released on March 22, 2023
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Open Download Page button in Archaeology Preferences > Update to do nothing. If you had version 1.0 and found your way here, we apologize. We're releasing this minor update to minimize the number of others who have to do likewise.
1.0 (87) Released on March 9, 2023
  • Initial release of Archaeology.